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About MWFW


Midwest Fashion Week was established to celebrate the limitless possibilities of the clothing design community.

Our community is dedicated to empowering creativity and the expression of individuality and confidence through fashion. We strive to provide a strong and supportive community in which new designers can learn and grow their careers. We encourage an atmosphere of experience and inspiration where seasoned designers and buyers can discover new perspectives where ANYTHING is possible.

Although “Midwest” is in our name, our goal is to bring Midwest fashion to the world. Annually – we host runway shows in Paris, New York, Chicago and Indianapolis in which we present exciting collections from exceptional designers from around the world. For over a decade, we have taken great pride in showcasing the talents of more than 300 designers from several different countries.

At Midwest Fashion Week, we take great pride in showing the international community how Midwest fashion fits nicely into the world fashion scene.

Berny Martin – Founder


As the Midwest Fashion Week community continues to grow, Berny Martin and other designers/professionals of MWFW are becoming sought-after resources in a variety of roles including:

  • Fashion Consulting: For individuals, groups, events, etc.
  • Media Source: Quote an MWFW fashion expert in your next fashion story
  • Event Production: Let MWFW make your next fashion event more memorable
  • Photo Shoots: We can coordinate, cast, and direct your fashion shoot
  • Talent Source: Need models? Make-up artists? Stylists? We know some of the best!
  • Fashion Seminars & Education: Have an MWFW expert talk to your group about ANYTHING – hair, clothes, eyewear, nails, make-up, YOU NAME THE TOPIC, we’ll send the expert!
  • Fashion Content: MWFW can help you create expert content for your magazine, blog, newsletter, website, etc.
  • Product Placement: Strategically place your product in the MWFW show where the whole world can see it!

Contact MWFW today and let us know how you would like to put our creative fashion experience and expertise to work for you! (Even if it’s something NOT on this list!)