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About Midwest Fashion Week

Who We Are
Midwest Fashion Week (MFW) began in 2006 when Catou fashion designer Berny Martin, saw a need for a Midwest outlet to showcase local, national, and international designers, models, stylists, and photographers.

Through the years, MFW has expanded past the traditional Fall and Spring series of shows. Smaller, private events take place throughout the year with partners. These include; affordable fashion seminars, trunk shows featuring local designers and fashion shows.

A portion of the proceeds from each event in the Fall and Spring events is donated to a selection of local charities. The 2010 Spring fashion week generated over $70,000 for Indianapolis Down Syndrome. Giving back to the community is of great importance to the MWF team and will continue to be a priority in the future.

Midwest Fashion Week is dedicated to showcasing the creative efforts of the clothing design community. In so doing, MFW connects the dots between high and affordable fashion, which enables people to discover new ways to express their individuality through fashion.

The vision of Midwest Fashion Week is to create an entire lifestyle of upscale sophistication that lives on throughout the year rather than just a few weeks of the year. The idea is to help Midwestern residents see that fashion is more than just clothes—it is everywhere and affects everyone. The art of fashion is present in theater, food, sports, music, fine arts, and more. The goal of Midwest Fashion Week is to explore these avenues by involving all walks to life, interest, income bracket, demographic, and more.