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18 Apr



Since her childhood she always showed great creativity and passion for physical expression. These qualities allowed her to be chosen for Russia’s national team for synchronized swimming. Then by the age of sixteen years, Irina was already starring in prestigious aquatic shows, which took her all over the world: to Paris, New York, Berlin and Tokyo…

After thriving in all of these incredible experiences of live performance, Irina started to imagine, create and choreograph her own shows which earned her wide international recognition.

Today Irina’s insatiable curiosity has led her to write a new page in her life. Inspired by her mother, who used to be an artist in her own right and fashion designer, Irina chose to create her own trade mark in the world of fashion.
Irina put all of her inventive spirit and knowledge of the human body to create an innovative collection that women desire. Inspired by many of her travels and also by her frequent interaction with the world of photography and television, Irina creates designs that are contemporary to our lifetime. “ I remember”, she says, “there weretimes in USSR, when everybody had to wear the same clothing and when my mother would sew various elegant details onto my outfits to differentiate me from all the other girls. Her sense of elegance and precision guides me to this day”

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