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3 Spring Jackets You Should Own
21 Mar

3 Spring Jackets You Should Own

By Rachel Li,

Has your city gone through roller coaster weather lately? Well, Nashville obviously has.  Guessing the temperature for the next morning was like a lottery! Anyway, hopefully that wardrobe nightmare has come to an end. Let’s cheer up and talk about spring! Being a Nashville transplant for quite a few years, I have to admit now I am very much spoiled by the usually mild weather – spring in particular. It is the perfect season, in the sense that you can either show off some skin or bring your layering game on – just do whatever you want. In today’s post, I would love to focus on layers and share with you some of my thoughts on spring jackets, by showing you how adding a third piece could instantly up your entire look.

I’m gonna start with this short parka / military jacket. A versatile army jacket is always a good idea when you are not in the mood of thinking too much but still want some extra cool added to your daily outfit. This topper I’m in love with at the moment is full of details, from the show-stopping overload of tassels and pom-poms, to the eclectic embroidery and trim with frills. Remember when I talked about building up your look based one key item? To complement the military green I paired with a silky bell sleeve blouse (appeared once in my blog before) in a contrasting orangey-red tone, and finished the ensemble with subdued bottoms – there it is, an easy breezy spring look, with a bit of romantic and feminine hint.






6The next one I’m getting into is a classic black blazer with a *twist* (and yes pun intended). Needless to say, a simple suit jacket – which basically goes with anything – saves us from the morning chaos so many times. This one on me takes it up a notch with its dramatic trumpet-like sleeves wrapped with ties for days, making it a perfect alternative if you find your everyday work wear somehow lack of imagination. I blogged about  3 keys to a not so boring office look weeks ago and this statement-jacket-and-unconventional-culottes combo falls right into the category.






The last piece for today is a trench coat that has a little unexpected spin on it. This olive jacket actually has been in my closet for a couple years and to me it hardly goes out of style, thanks to its understated color and flattering draping front. To create a more playful look, I picked a pair of straight cut color-block jeans with a chic undone hem. For a more refined getup, pair it with a satin wrap skirt like I did and you are game.