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17 Feb


Being the youngest of five children Alice always watched her older siblings get ready for special occasions. Seeing the hair, makeup, and wardrobe changes Alice was intrigued by every bit of it, especially the clothes. As she got older her sister would come to her for fashion advice in which they trusted her opinion. When it came time to decide what she wanted to do as a career, Alice had not doubt in her mind that fashion designing was right for her.
Alice has been apart of a plethora of fashion affairs. She started a Fashion Club at Peoria Notre Dame High School. The members of the club were able to attend fashion shows and use their imagination to make unique fashions. The club organized a fashion show at the end of the year for the students and public to attend. Alice has helped with the Fashion Ignite team in Peoria for two years, first being apart of the teen team and this year being on the committee board. She was asked to participate in the first POSH Fashion Show and Midwest Fashion Week and is eager to do so. All her fashion encounters have gained her more knowledge in the fashion world, and has helped her piece together her dream of become a fashion designer.
Alice is currently attending Eureka College for a Business Administration degree, and in the next year she plans on moving into bigger things in the fashion world. She is going to attend a fashion school and earn her degree and become a widely known fashion designer in her near future.