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Emily Carlson Written Apparel
12 Oct

Emily Carlson Written Apparel

WRITTEN Apparel is a women’s fashion brand designed for the woman who isn’t afraid to pave her own path and look good doing it. The brand is known for elevating an iconic wardrobe staple, the pencil skirt, with refreshing textures, intriguing fabrics, and unexpected design elements all serving as a catalyst to personal expression.

Brand Founder and Creative Director, Emily Carlson, views fashion and style as something very personal; the WRITTEN brand was not created to mass produce disposable fashion, but rather embrace the idea that everyone has their own story to tell through exclusive statement pieces. WRITTEN Apparel is proudly made in the USA and boasts high quality while balancing an
accessible luxury price.

The pencil skirt signature to WRITTEN Apparel surpasses the power suit in the boardroom and rivals the little black dress for any cocktail affair all in one fell swoop. The WRITTEN woman was not meant to blend in, but rather make a statement; the WRITTEN pencil skirt speaks volumes to her statement without having to say a word.