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17 Feb



After joining the corporate world, Maryam discovered that work clothes were boring. Women in the corporate world were expected to dress in a predictable way and they could not bring their true personalities to work. So, she started Maryam Garba, LLC to make women’s work wear more interesting and to get women excited about getting dressed fo work.
The Maryam Garba brand embodies the designer’s own unique background. Having lived in world-class cities around the globe, earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford and Harvard Universities respectively, and worked in multiple professional fields including fashion, medicine, education, and business consulting, Maryam transforms her experiences into clothes that, as the San Jose Press declared, “would no doubt look great on just about anyone.”
Maryam’s designs have been featured on NBC, Chicago Today, San Francisco Indie, Helium Magazine and San Jose Press and in multiple fashion shows including African Fashion Week, Chicago Fashion Week and Taste of Summer Chicago.