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MFW Visual Search Technology Through New Mobile App
23 Aug

MFW Visual Search Technology Through New Mobile App

INDIANAPOLIS, July 8, 2016—Midwest Fashion Week announced today a partnership with tech firm Tagwire Media, LLC to promote their new visual search technology mobile app MARKABLE. Satisfying a need to simplify online shopping, MARKABLE allows users to browse or upload photos to the app and through the use of visual search technology, find the exact or similar items of clothing, which are then available for purchase directly through the app.

Midwest Fashion Week is encouraging its participating designers to create profiles and upload their look book photos to the app to help bring their collections to the masses looking to purchase through mobile shopping.

“With the cutting-edge, innovative tendencies of the fashion industry, it is no surprise that technology companies are finding interest and demand in this area, and we couldn’t be more pleased. We feel that this collaboration will not only help fashion buyers and online shoppers to purchase our designer’s unique pieces, but will also give the designers themselves access to a world of opportunities when it comes to the business of retail. This is the next big thing in fashion technology and we’re excited to help pioneer it,” stated Midwest Fashion Week Director, Berny Martin.

Always looking to fulfill its goal of advancing the Midwestern fashion industry and the figures at its forefront, Midwest Fashion Week is more than eager to assist Carmel, Indiana native and MIT graduate, Joy Tang, founder and CEO of MARKABLE with this venture. Launching last month, the app is available for free on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running iOS 9.0 or later. Features of the app include:

Advanced visual recognition technology allows users to search for specific items (“mark” them) and then purchase
Users can edit keywords to narrow or broaden or narrow search results
Free shipping for items purchased via the MARKABLE app
Over 800 brands featured with new brands added daily
Ability to discover what other users are “marking” through the newsfeed, and “like” or “mark” other users’ photos
Social media integration – users can share photos from MARKABLE onto other social media platforms.

Men and women interested in shopping through a simplified, mobile approach are encouraged to download the app and can learn more about it on the MARKABLE Facebook page. For more information on Midwest Fashion Week or for media inquiries, please contact

About Midwest Fashion Week
Midwest Fashion Week was established in 2006 to celebrate the limitless possibilities of the clothing design community in the Midwestern region. Our community is dedicated to empowering creativity and the expression of individuality and confidence through fashion and we strive to provide a strong and supportive community in which new designers can learn and grow their careers. Through Midwest Fashion Week, designers have the opportunity to showcase their designs to audiences around the world in both the Spring and Fall seasons. It is our goal to encourage an atmosphere of experience and inspiration where seasoned designers and buyers can discover new perspectives where anything is possible.