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Pawin Palitdejtakul’s
18 Apr

Pawin Palitdejtakul’s

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Despite having been born and rise in tailor-made clothing business, Bangkok “New Gen” tailor, Pawin Palitdejtakul the second-generation who enchanted the family’s possession since his childhood from a father, Pinky who is a master tailor, sophisticated craftsman and family patriarch.

Pawin graduated from SIIT of Thammasat University where he has studied Industrial Engineering which it doesn’t even close to his family business. At the same time, He is passionate about drawing and be familiar with the business at a very young age.

After his graduation, he started working for a huge automotive manufacturer as an automotive designer about 5 years and then he realized that, as a son – Sooner or later, he knows that he wants to be involved in his family’s legacy. Back to the day, He regularly spent every Saturday’s evening after work at Pinky’s store where he perceive the custom-made experiences, approach the customers with a personalized warm welcome, and thoroughly aware of what customers actually want – literally.

The more he learned, the more he love his family’s business. Pawin decided to attend a personal intensive course on Design Pattern with a design master for a couple of years.

Then a state secret passed down through generations integrated with modernized implement. As a tailor, this is something he planned to continue to grow and assure the ultimate in quality and finest attention to detail like his father does.

Thus, a meticulously and individually crafted to the unique measurements that are, in general, constantly includes an unparalleled “Bespoke Tailoring” experience with a 100-percent hand-made perfectly by himself and his father.

Keep moving forward with a new challenge, Pawin and Pinky Tailor in the year of 2016 are certainly preparing for the future. He now expanded a new factory for various products under Pinky Tailor’s name with a new menswear accessories brand called “Pawin” to offer a genuinely inventive, engaging vision for the modern gentleman of taste.