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Rong Zhang
24 Mar

Rong Zhang

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Rong Zhang is a Chinese Womenswear Fashion Designer. Her collection is defined by its artistic fusion of craftsmanship, modern femininity, and youth culture influences with a sense of refined ease.

Inspiration drawn from contemporary art, subculture is combined with an emphasis on tailoring and the manipulation of fabrics. Balanced between tradition and modernity, harmony and contradiction, Rong’s collection creates thought-provoking silhouettes through breaking the garment stereotype.

Rong Zhang received her Bachelor degree in Womenwear from London Collage of Fashion in 2015. Using rich and geometrical patterns, the art of folding, creating volume through construction, Rong’s undergraduate collection has been featured in leading publications such as Vogue.

For her intricately crafted, multi-layered garments and explorations into digital printing, digital embroidery and weaving techniques, Rong’s collections has been selected for ‘The Chinese Festival’ Exhibition in London V&A Museum 2013, ‘1ndependent15’ Design Show in London 2015 and ‘The Costume Colloquium V-Restraint and Excess in Dress’ Exhibition in Florence 2016, and collaborated on special projects with London DJ Princess Julia on costumes. In the past accolades have included ‘Raffles Design Institution First Year Scholarship’ (2010), ‘The top 15 Designer for Tomorrow Award’ (2015).

Currently, Rong has been studying the Master Fashion Design Degree in School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Rong’s Latest Collection ‘Traces’ uses craftsmanship, historical details to construct a casual sense. Emotions such as ‘oppressive’, ‘peaceful’, ‘massive’ and ‘repetitive’ comes from Rong’s stressful high school examination memories. The cramming Chinese teaching method seems to be a restriction to student’s imagination and enthusiasm. However, when you erase the traces, you destroy beauty. Luck and Misfortune comes in turn. The things you experienced, no matter good or bad, already become part of your body.