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The Wedding Crasher
21 Mar

The Wedding Crasher

Warm weather is vastly approaching and this means that the wedding season is on the horizon. Thousands of brides all over the country are frantically getting their last minute touches done for the most important day of their lives.

If you’re attending one of these wonderful events…please don’t arrive not so wonderful . As a guest of a wedding it is your job to support the bride way beyond just gifts, but as well a in your appearance.

I have been to plenty of weddings and it seems to be that one guest who shows up to the wedding in wardrobe meltdown. I am currently shopping around for my own attire for a wedding I am attending and I will testify that it can be pretty tricky, but don’t worry I am here to help you!

My first word of advice is to NEVER EVER wait until the last minute to find something to wear. It is very stressful and you will end up spending more money and buying something you really don’t want to wear.

Here is your guide to how not be a WEDDING CRASHER.

Don’t wear flip-flops!
Flip-Flops have to be the most unflattering shoe in the universe. They are perfect for the beach and to run errands in, but not for weddings. No bride wants to see her guest flip-flopping across the dance floor.

Do wear ballet flats, wedges, a heel up to four inches, or a strappy sandal.
-Let’s be honest not everyone is cut out to wear heels, so if you are this type of girl substitute your shoes for a dressy ballet flat or a cute strappy sandal.

Don’t wear Denim or leggings!
-Denim jackets, jeans, shirts, ect. are a big NO NO when attending a wedding. Showing up in leggings may be even worse. These are extremely too casual!

Do wear sweaters, blazers, and slacks.
-If you like to be casual substitute your ensemble with these items. They are still comfortable, but appropriate.

Don’t wear club attire
Remember you are attending a wedding, not a party. You don’t want to come off looking a little too sexy

Do wear loose flowey dresses, peplum dresses, floor length dresses, skirts, and pants suits.
-It’s okay to show the curves that God gave you, but be mindful. Wear a sweater over your curve fitting dress. Peplum-shaped dresses are the perfect amount of flirt if you love to show off your legs.

Don’t wear white!
-This is the number one DON’T. Yes white is an amazing color, but avoid trying to outshine the bride.

Do wear bright colors and patterns.
-You can pretty much wear any color to you like but I love to wear brighter colors because this is a celebration of love. I also suggest shaking things up with wearing a pattern. Floral patterns are all the rage this year!

I hope this guide will help out my future wedding guest attendees. If you follow these tips when you are shopping for an outfit you’ll be sure to avoid being a wedding crasher, but also turns some heads in an awesome outfit!